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  Model HSF 16 X 16

           Ambulatory Test Station

           Model HSF 16 X 16

Ambulatory Test Station
Model HSF16X16


Shown with optional Rearing.
The SmartFrame Open Field System is one of several products compatible with the HMM100 MotorMonitor control and software, and is designed with the most advanced features available on the market. The post analysis routines offer greater flexibility in analyzing data. The advanced diagnostics use an exclusive 4-level test which runs automatically before each session. Named the SmartFrame because of its onboard intelligent circuitry, this system dramatically enhances validation and diagnostic efforts. An excellent choice for open field work for both rats and mice because of its standard high density beam spacing. Systems are also available for larger animals. Contact us for more details.


                  •  X Ambulations 
                  •  Y Ambulations 
                  •  Fine Movements 
                  •  Total Breaks 
                  •  Time in Zone 
                  •  Entries into Zone 
                  •  Pokes into Zone 
                  •  Distance 
                  •  Time @ Rest 
                  •  Time Active 
                  •  Rearing 
                  •  Hole Pokes


                  •  Control: See HMM100 MotorMonitor Control System 
                                                  and Software for details including power and computer specifications.
                  •  Overall dimensions: 22.1" (56.13 cm) wide x 22.1" (56.13 cm) long x 15.83" (40.21 cm) high
                  •  Subject Field: 16" (40.64 cm) wide x 16" (40.64 cm) long x 15" (38.10 cm) high
                  •  PhotoBeams: Infrared PhotoBeams with 16 x and 16 y resolution
                  •  Frame Housing: Brushed Stainless Steel


                  •  HMM100 Windows NT/2000 platform
                  •  32 Infrared PhotoBeams (16 x and 16 y)
                  •  Individual start button at each station
                  •  Automatic 4 level diagnostics
                  •  Maximum Stations 16 (with expansion interface HMM-100EXP)
                  •  Computer Interface - a single RS232 Serial Port
                  •  User Definable Zones - not factory restricted.
                  •  Post Processing Analysis
                  •  Session Templates
                  •  Individual Runtime Clocks for each station
                  •  User selectable output measures.
                  •  Optional Advanced Graphic Comparators - HotSpots, Playback, and OverTime