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  Model 80820

           Mouse Single Activity Wheel Chamber

           Model 80820

Mouse Single Activity Wheel Chamber
Model 80820


This Single Activity Wheel Chamber System was designed for long-term circadian rhythm and general activity studies. The chamber incorporates many features to allow for animal well-being and easy maintenance of system components. The chamber includes food and water support and includes free access to the activity wheel. The activity wheel sensor is compatible with 86060 Stand Alone Counter, 86061 Counter for Computer Interface, and 86070 Counter for control and data acquisition. See AWM Hardware and accessories for details.


                  Overall Dimensions: 9.3 x 13.9 x 7.7 (23.62 x 35.3 x 19.56 cm)
                  Weight: 5.8 lbs.
                  Wheel Diameter: 5.0 ID (12.7 cm)
                  Run Distance: 0.40 meters/revolution

                  Run Surface: 
                                          38 rods 0.188 diameter on 0.4298 centers with a 0.2418 gap 
                                          approx. 4.8 mm dia on 10.9 mm centers with a 6.14 mm gap
                                          2.25" (5.72 cm) width (Inside)


                  Uses 9.3" x 13.9" x 7.7" clear polycarbonate cage 
                  Stainless steel top cover lays flush onto polycarbonate cage 
                  All components are secured to top cover for one step removal 
                  Feeder and water bottle are attached to top cover allowing for easy access. Optional hopper bracket available 
                      for hopper only removal when daily weighing is required. 
                  Feeder has sighting slot on back to view feed level 
                  Removable lightweight 5" diameter anodized aluminum wheel is easy to clean and maintain and is virtually friction 
                      free running on two Rulon bearings 
                  Equipped with external mounting bracket for mounting of an optional electronic counter 
                  Removable stainless steel vented access hatch allows for easy access to the animal 
                  Complete chamber can be easily disassembled for cleaning