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  Model HEMP1001


           Automated Elevated Plus Maze

           Model HEMP1001


Automated Elevated Plus Maze System for Rats
Model HEMP1001


These mazes have a higher resolution and specially created measures which enhance the ability to quantify anxiety. Use multiple zones to report how far an animal retreats from the intersection into closed arms and how far it dares into the open arms. This may be adjusted between multiple analysis on a locked data set for quantifying the animal's emotionality. An exclusive under the floor hidden tracking system means no visible sensors and no chance of sensor damage from the animals. Proprietary filters are designed to detect and ignore feces and other matter on the floor while precisely tracking and counting only the animals movements and positions.

This unit runs on the HMM100 Motor Monitor Interface and software along with a number of other devices. Features include user definable intervals, distance traveled in inches or centimeters, fine movements, average speed, maximum speed, movement episodes. Total distance traveled, speed and time spent in zones can also be used to quantify activity and exploratory behavior.


                    Depth (Overall)  :  44" (111.76 cm)
                    Width (Overall)  :  44" (111.76 cm)
                    Height (Overall)  :  33.5" (85.09 cm)

                    Each Arm is 4.25" (10.8 cm) wide and 19.75" (50.17 cm) long
                    Intersection is 4.25" (10.8 cm) x 4.25" (10.8 cm)
                    Closed Walls are 15.75" (40.01 cm) high

                    Maximum number of stations  :  8
                    Computer Interface  :  Single RS232 serial port regardless of the number of stations.


                    Windows NT/2000 Platform
                    36 Infrared PhotoBeams
                    Individual start button at each station
                    Automatic 4 level Diagnostics
                    8 Maximum Stations
                    Post Processing analysis
                    Single RS232 Serial Port for Computer interface
                    Session Templates
                    User Definable Zones - not factory restricted
                    Individual Runtime clocks for each station
                    Optional Advance graphics comparators